Sunday, June 24, 2007

What a Weekend

Things have been busy again. I have to say the past few days have been wonderful. Friday I attended my cousin's wedding. It was held at Sinapi's Ceola Manor in Jefferson Valley, New York. We all stayed overnight at the Peekskill Inn in Peekskill NY. I am so happy for my cousin Shanay. She has been through a lot in her short lifetime. A few years ago after finishing law school she got real sick and was eventually diagnosed with Lupus. I remember when she took the bar exam she was on crutches. On a trip out of the country she injured her foot on the first day. That's just a few things that has happened all of the years. At the reception while dancing she popped her knee. They are supposed to be leaving today for the Bahamas. I know that she was seeing a doctor yesterday. Todd is in medical school and managed to get this week off. Anyway I wish Shanay and Todd the best of luck with their marriage and hope they have many years of happiness.

Here are a few pictures with my family:

My youngest son Thomas, my mom Ann, me and my oldest son Jamal.

My mom with her 4 of her 5 grandkids - my sons and my nieces Dashawn and Latreesha. My daughter Taneka didn't go to the wedding. She didn't have a babysitter. It was just as well because my grandkids went to a birthday party.

My sister Gail, my mom and me!

For more wedding pictures click here.

It was only a two hour drive up to the wedding and what made it really nice was that I drove my new car. I got it onThursday and I love it!

It's a 2007 Toyota Rav4. I've been wanting this vehicle for awhile. What I really like about it, is that it has third row seats, just perfect for Teon & Naseem.

Unfortunately though I have done basically no knitting or crocheting these past few days. But I'm about to head to Woolbearers for the 2nd toe up sock class.


Deneen said...

They had wonderful weather for the wedding-both the bride and groom look radiant!

The lupus diagnosis is tough (I know) and hopefully, with Todd studying to be a doctor, she'll get the right medical care.

Debora said...

You have a beautiful family!

Sheila said...

What a beautiful wedding, and wishing them all the best. Umm excuse me... did I see the electric slide going on in one of the You have a beautiful family. Beep beep... get out the street Missy got a pumping ride... Love it.

Theresa said...

Beautiful Bride and Groom and they look so happy! All the best of wishes to them! Love the new ride too! Now it's time for you to get hookin' again, girl! I love looking at all your pics!

Anonymous said...

Really lovely, Maddie! I wish them the best of luck. Hey, my brother lives in Peekskill!

Kewl little truckie! Congrats on that!

Madelyn said...

Thanks everyone.

As an update, the honeymooners did not make it to the Bahamas. Shanay saw a doctor who ordered her to stay off her feet. Bummer I know.