Saturday, June 16, 2007

Socks - FO's/WIPs

Trekking Socks
Yarn: Trekking XXL
Needles: Size 2 Addi Turbo 12" circulars, Size 2 Brittany dpn's
Pattern: Yarnharlot's Basic Sock Recipe

I saw the show on Knitty Gritty with guest Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka Yarn Harlot and decided to give it a go. This was a very easy pattern to do. I'm not crazy about the Trekking XXL yarn. The yarn is sort of rough. On the other hand these are really sturdy socks.

Saucy Socks
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Yarn, color 203 Seaside
Pattern: Cider Moon Saucy Pattern
Needles: Size 0 Addi Turbo 12" circulars, Size 1 Brittany dpn's

I love this yarn and will definitely use it again. I didn't get a good shot of the stitch definition. I'm still playing with my new camera and don't have the technique down yet. Please bear with me.

Next up: Tidal Wave Socks
Yarn: Soy Silk's TOFUtsies

I'm loving this yarn so far. I haven't done much work on them because I'm trying to get the shawlette done. Afterwards though I plan to knock these out.

I'm gearing up for Summer of Socks 2007 hosted by Jessica. While browsing her blog I came across these sock blockers that she got. So I hopped over to this site and ordered a pair. My spinning wheel blockers are fabulous.

I also noticed she's teaching a toe up sock class at Woolbearers. As I'm still new to sock knitting, I decided to take the class. I'm a horrible student so wish me luck!! Class begins tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Dang, you're good, Maddie! Clearly, I need to get off my rear. Good luck with the class, although it looks like you already know what you're doing! Lovely, lovely socks!

Madelyn said...

Thanks Sue. I'm kind of nervous about the class but am looking forward to. I haven't tried toe ups yet.

Deneen said...

Look at you go! Review the Tofutsies yarn when you are done.

I don't have a Rag Shop near me, but Mike has one near his work-I wonder if I can convince him to peek in.

Sheila said...

You're definitely becoming a sock I like the sock blocks.. they look like mini boomer rangs.