Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Flirty Apron Swap

Shawnee is hosting her first apron swap for the year. Go check it out.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Other Apron Swaps

A really fun swap was the Hot Mama Hot for Chocolate Swap:

I received an absolutely lovely package from the queen of apron swaps, Shawnee:

My package went to Nadine C. I'm using the picture she took once she received my package.

Lastly the Sassy Flirty Apron Swap hosted by Shawnee & Lucy. This "pink" swap was held during October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, in support of the cause. You had to make two aprons, one for your swap partner and one donated for the cause.

I received a lovely apron and package from Mary Lois.

My swap package went to Becca. I made a reversible apron and sent along some goodies.

This picture was taken by Becca after receiving the package.

I made this reversible apron in support of the cause.

Lastly I won this beautiful apron made by Sveltlana.
She was one of the sponsors for this swap.
I used the picture that was posted on the swap site.

Flirty Apron Swaps

During this year I got hooked on aprons. Why, I have no idea because I am NOT in the kitchen. I am retired from cooking. But aprons are quick and they make good gifts. Also I've been told they are sexy, hmmm. Anyway I did a few swaps. Swapping is a lot of fun and you meet a lot of new virtual pals. There are drawbacks though because there are unscrupulous folks out there who want something for nothing.

I participated in four swaps this year. Two Flirty Apron Swaps hosted by Shawnee, One Sassy Apron Swap Hosted by Lucy & Shawnee and One Hot Mama Apron Swap hosted by Val. Whew, that was a lot of linking. Here are the swap packages that I received:

Flirty Apron Swaps - there were two: I Love Lucy Theme and White Christmas Theme.

The I Love Lucy Swap was my first. My swap partner did not follow through (remember I mentioned there was unscrupulous folks out there. Well whoever this person is shame on you). Many thanks to Tara who kindly angeled for this swap and sent me this lovely package:

Tara pegged me correctly as she read my scant not a lot of posting blog. She sent me roving, yarn and fat quarters along with an apron. Many thanks Tara, you are a real sweetheart of an angel.

This is the apron package I sent to my partner Amy B.

Next Flirty Swap was recent: White Christmas Theme. I received this package from Cheryl C. I believe this apron was actually made by one of the swap sponsors J. Carrell Designs. Many thanks Cheryl.

I made an apron and sent a package for this swap to Stephanie J. I enjoyed making this package.

I swapped out the fat quarters before mailing. I was able to find more "blue" material which is Stephanies favorite color.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My day at the View

On my birthday last month I received 4 tickets to The View for December 16. It was a nice surprise as I had applied for the tickets almost two years ago. I love this show and record it daily. My mom, my sister and my friend accompanied me.

Four of the five hosts were there: Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sherri Shephard & Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Barbara Walters was not there today. The guests were singer Alicia Keys and actress Anna Kendricks. Everyone in the audience received a copy of Alicia Keys' latest CD. It was interesting watching the show live in the studio. But you don't see a lot of it cause of all the action with the cameras and stuff. So I watched it once I got home, LOL.

You are allowed to take pictures during the commercial breaks. These breaks are pretty long.

Whoopi, Joy & Elisabeth

Me, my friend Gail and my mom

The table where hot topics are discussed. Let me tell you this set is A LOT smaller in person.

After the show it was time for lunch. Then we headed to the August Wilson theater and to see Jersey Boys. A very good play.

Afterwards some sightseeing was in order. It was my friend Gail's first time in Manhattan. We walked to Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas Tree. Then we returned to the Port Authority via strolling through Times Square.

The day was a nice break during the middle of the work week.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cheap Hot Mama Swap

Val is hosting another apron swap. This will be the first swap of the new year. If you are interested you have a week to sign up.