Sunday, January 29, 2006

One L&B Done

I finally finished the purple/lilac lace & bobble afghan.

I still have a lot of yarn left so I'm thinking about adding more rows so it will fit on my king sized bed.

For now though I'm going to work on finishing up the suede afghan.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Purple & Lilac L&B

Here's where I'm at with the 2nd afghan.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Suede Lace & Bobbles Afghan

I haven't crocheted much this week. I only managed to get a few more rows done on the suede L&B afghan. I'm currently on row 56. The rows are now taking longer to do and the afghan has gotten really heavy. Anyway going to put this one aside again until I get can get more suede yarn. I have depleted the bins at my local Rag Shop in these colors so I will have to wait until they replenish the stock.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Two Lace & Bobble Afghans in Progress

My stash of suede has seriously been depleted since I started the L&B afghan. So until I can build it up again, I started another one in purple and lilac. I have plenty of this yarn because I have slowly been working on a granny square afghan. So this is where I'm at with these two ghans:

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Winter Wool Swap

I signed up for the Winter Wool Swap at Crochetville. Yesterday I received a package from Knit Picks, compliments of Sue aka pb&j. The package contained skeins of various colors of their Palette and Wool of the Andes yarns. Also in the package was an adorable sheep tape measure. Sue, thanks so much for the wonderful selections!!!!

I ordered from KnitPicks for my partner, I hope she likes it.

Toddler Hats

A few hats I did up quickly for my two year old grandson who has been over this weekend. Kids that age have a habit of losing hats, gloves and scarfs. I tried to get him to model them but he hasn't wanted to cooperate. I used TLC lustre and one of my new TOTC crochet hooks.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Arghh,I've been tagged

I've been tagged by Deneen who is going to be choked for this when we meet, LOL. We live not far from each other and one day in the very near future when she is feeling better we are going to get together for lunch.

Okay this wasn't easy but it's what I came up with:

A. Seven things to do before I die

1. Cruise to Alaska
2. Visit the Grand Canyon
3. Tell my ex husband exactly what I think of him
4. Buy a new house
5. Win the lottery – snort!
6. Visit a ranch
7. Use up my yarn stash

B. Seven things I cannot do

1. Get married again. Once was enough thank you very much.
2. Bungy jump or ski dive
3. Roller Blade
4. Anything dealing with snakes
5. Ride a horse
6. Ski
7. Ride a motorcycle

C. Seven things that attract me to....

1. My grandson Teon – he’s the love of my life
2. Mac – my doggie, he’s my best buddy in the world
3. lingerie - you can never have enough
4. Chocolate
5. Ice Cream
6. Gardening - nothing like playing in the dirt on a beautiful spring day
7. Vanilla – love the scent

D. Seven things I say most often

1. Teon, what are you doing?
2. Anyone home?
3. Damn it.
4. Jamal
5. Taneka
6. Thomas
7. I’m hungry

E. Seven books (or series or genres or topics ) that I love

1. J.D. Robb In Death Series
2. Dee Henderson’s O’Malley’s series
3. Romances
4. Mysteries
5. Fiction
6. Fitness mags
7. Crochet mags

F. Seven movies I watch over and over again (or would if I had time )

1. Ray
2. Raging Bull
3. The Ten Commandments
4. When a Man Loves a Woman
5. The Long, Long Trailer
6. Home Alone
7. The Wizard of Oz

G. Seven people I want to join in, too.

Hell, nobody, anybody, somebody, everybody

Lace & Bobbles Progress

My L&B afghan that I'm doing along as a CAL is coming along slowly. I have completed row 38 so I'm halfway there.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Turn of the Century Hooks

Look what I just received today. A hook set from Turn of the Century sizes F to K, plus an N hook. The workmanship is absoutely gorgeous and the hooks feel wonderful. Great service too, I ordered this on Tuesday and it arrived today - Friday. I picked up some TLC lustre on sale at half price today at the Rag Shop (yeah I said no more yarn until I can put a big dent in the stash. So what I lied okay, LOL). Besides my grandson really needs some more winter hats. So I think I'll put the L&B afghan aside for a bit and try this yarn out with my new hooks.

Speaking of the Rag Shop, each time I go I buy a skein of the suede yarn as it's really expensive. I only get it on sale or with a coupon. My youngest son was with me because I had just put my car in the shop for some service and he had picked me up so I had him get a skein too. He purchased his first and I was behind him with my skein and a cart load of the TLC. The cashier (a young girl smacking on gum) said to me, "miss you could of used two coupons, I just would of rang them up separately. I didn't think the yarn was for him." Well the look on my son's face was priceless, he was absolutely horrified and says to her "of course not." I had to set them both straight. I mentioned that plenty of males crocheted and did some wonderful designs. They both looked at me like I was nuts. I swear, young folks!! ROFL!!

And speaking of cars, the shop just called. The guy asked me "miss where is your car", I'm thinking great they are just now getting around to my car. I tell him, then he says "we can't find that Maxima, it is not in the lot." I said to him Altima not Maxima. At this shop, your account # is your phone number. When they plugged the info in they came up with the last car that had been in for service and it happened to be my oldest son's car. So my car won't be ready until late, maybe not even until tomorrow. No big deal though. Actually just as well, I will just sit and crochet with my new hooks which I'm glad I got. After this bill I may not be buying anything for awhile.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Lace and Bobbles Afghan Beginning

I decided to start the new year by participating in one of the Crochetville Crochet Alongs. The CAL is the Lace and Bobbles Afghan. This is the first one I'm participating in and so far it's a lot of fun. I'm using Lion Brand suede with a K hook.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Hats & Scarves

Simple hat and scarf sets done for presents. Teal set done with Bernat Harmony. Brown with Bernat country wool. I have to get a head form or mannequin or whatever you call it to show better viewing of hats.


Most of these scarves were done with scrap yarn left over from other projects. Only one that was a pattern is the black and white skinny scarf from Interweave and it was done with yarn I received from an elf from the Crochetville Christmas Wish List exchange.


Both of these shawls were done with mill ends from the Rag Shop. I think it's Caron Simply Soft.

The orange one was based on the wing kerchief pattern from poster Tiggzie at Crochetville.

The yellow one is the infamous Seraphina. I really love this shawl. Each shawl gets easier and faster to do.