Monday, February 15, 2010

Martini Madness Apron Swap Completed

The latest Flirty Apron Swap - Martini Madness - hosted by Shawnee has been completed. My partner for the swap was Chelsea who adores the color teal. I made her this reversible teal/purple apron. I was able to find matching painted martini glasses. If you go to her blog by clicking here you can see her wearing it.

Now I hit the jackpot. My swap package came from Amy K. This is one hot apron and she found a matching martini glass and cocktail napkins. I never had a martini. Once I'm off my diet I will use the mixer she sent with it to try one.

What really is cool about the apron is the martini glass charm Amy attached to it. How neat is that???

Another swap successfully completed. Swapping is a lot of fun. If you have never done one, try it!

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Sheila said...

You ladies are really doing up the the aprons and loving the martini glasses. Makes me want a