Sunday, July 24, 2011

A cover and a case

This was supposed to have been my Friday Night Sew In Project. However, I was too hot and exhausted by the time I got home to be bothered with sewing. So I worked on my project this weekend. I made an iPad cover and eyeglass case.

There were tons of tutorials on the internet for an iPad cover. But I decided to use the Cash N Carry pattern which I used for the eye glass case. I just changed the dimensions. On the inside I used fleece and peltex so the case is nice and sturdy.

With the smart cover attached to the iPad the fit is really snug. I'm going to make the next one a little bit bigger.

These two pieces match my summer tote and lunch bag. I need to get started on a fall assemble.


Karen said...

Again....I love your fabric choices and how fun is it that all your stuff matches? Love it!

Sheila said...

Your fabric choices are soo pretty. If you saw my tote that I made last year and still carrying around... you would give me an ear full about why I should made another

jillytacy said...

You've been busy! I love the fabrics you've use!

Amy said...

I love the fabric, so pretty!