Friday, January 22, 2010

A Bit of Embroidery

I've been doing a bit of embroidery while I'm working on finishing 3 different block of the month projects.

Valentine's Day is coming up so I embroidered these towels:

Here are a few owls. Anyone who knows me, knows I love my owlies.


Deneen said...

Maddie, these are awesome!

How are you????

Madelyn said...

Hey Deneen, I'm doing good and hope you are too. Thanks for the comments.

Deneen said...

Welcome, I miss all your postings!

Sheila said...

The towels are gorgeous! Where did you get the heart designs from?

I am enjoying my new embroidery machine and hope to do some stitching to night.

Madelyn said...

Dee, I'll try and post more.

Sheila, The bigger heart design came from This is my favorite embroidery site. I'm not sure where I got the smaller one from, trying to find it on my puter.