Tuesday, March 06, 2007

More Bags

These two bags were completed quite a while go. They were sent to the to be finished pile. I finally got around to the finishing.

Project: Fat Bottom Bag from the Happy Hooker Book
Yarn: Lion Brand Suede

Cabled Clutch, done with Brown Sheep's Bulky Lamb Pride


Deneen said...

Beautiful (as usual). I am considering making another FBB.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous bags Maddie, I really like the cabled clutch. How much yarn did it take for the fbb with the suede I used patons merrion I think that is why mine turned out much smaller than the others did.

Anonymous said...

So pretty Maddie! When are you going to open up a shop? :o)

Madelyn said...

Thanks Ladies.

Annie, I think it took a little over two skeins. It's been so longer I really don't remember *g* I'll look through the discussions we had at CAL Pals, I think it's mentioned in there.

Sue, I know you are joking but I have been asked that by others. No time!! Plus that would take the enjoyment out of it I think.

Nancy, Feathers, Ducky...oh okay...Johnny D fan! said...

They look great Maddie! I still have my handles and yarn for the FBB...maybe this summer at one of the kid's practices?? LOL


rcknrobin said...

so hot..wow!