Monday, November 20, 2006


My very first pair of socks. I decided to start with a basic tube sock. The yarn is Patons SWS leftover from my Clapotis.

I have to admit DPN's take some getting used to. I casted on with the DPNs, knitted a few rows then switched to a 12 inch circular.

These were really simple to do.

Next on the needles are socks done with the short row heel. These are taking a bit longer. I had to do the heel twice before I understood what I was doing. The yarn is yummy. It's a wool/mohair blend hand dye that I picked up at my favorite LYS Woolbearers. I'm determined to get these done this week.


Vik said...

Congratulations! The first one turned out great! And I love the colors of the second pair!

I´m knitting my first pair of socks!

Deneen said...

You never post and then when you do, bam tons of stuff!

BTW, how do you get the pics to do that?

Anonymous said...

Yay, socks! Congrats. They sure do look cozy.