Saturday, September 24, 2005

Matching Skirt

Matching skirt for the bolero, done in the round with a V stitch.


Deneen said...

The skirt is very interesting and I mean that in a good way. It should look lovely with the Claudia. Did you do this in the round and increase every few rows for the shaping? How was the waistline done? (yes, I know, so many questions, just nosy, that's all-LOL)

Madelyn said...

Thanks Deneen. No increasing. Just a V stitch in the round. For the waistband I double crocheted in about 1/4 inch strand of elastic. My first attempt at the skirt I increased every other row for 10 rows but it was too big. And that yarn was a b**** to frog. I'm pleased with it as it was something that I did on my own by trial and error. I want to line it though because that yarn is very itchy.