Friday, September 02, 2005

First Day, First Post

Okay I finally started this blog. Let's see how I keep up with it.

Today is Friday and my day off from work. I got the nails and other errands done first off.

Then I played good samaritan by taking my friend Joanne grocery shopping. I hate grocery shopping with a passion. I especially hate hauling the stuff in and putting it away. Hell I don't do it at home as my kids have to earn their keep somehow, sigh! But Jo can't do it and she only has Gail and I. At least I got a good workout in, LOL!!

Anyway once I got home I cooked myself a nice steak dinner. I hate cooking too and don't do it much anymore.

Then I got on the computer for a bit. Now my puters I love. I finally created this blog. I've been wanting to but figured I'd spend too much time messing with it instead of crocheting - another thing I love to do ;-)

I'm going to try and finish the shrug I started this morning. BTW I picked up some yarn today. Like I really needed anymore in the stash. But The Rag Shop got a new batch of mill ends. And I had a coupon. So I got a pound bag of a nice blue acrylic for only $1.97. I also picked up a skein of Sensation Rainbow Boucle at Jo~Ann's using another coupon, yes!! Go coupons, they are a hooker's best friend :-)