Monday, November 28, 2011

Einstein Jacket

For the past two months I had been working on the Einstein Jacket by knit designer Sally Melville. It's finally finished and I'm very happy with it. Even though the pattern was very simple and easy to follow, I enlisted the help of Myra, owner of LYS Woolbearers. A lot of straight knitting in garter stitch but surprisingly I didn't get bored with it. I used 11.5 skeins of Reynolds Lopi and size 9 needles.


Sheila said...

Awesome jacket & great color.

jillytacy said...

It's beautiful! I'm so impressed! The only things i can knit are scarves and dishcloths.

Karen said...

Amazing knitting skills! I'm so in awe of anyone who can knit. It is something that continues to escape me :) Love the color too!