Sunday, January 02, 2011

A New Bag for a New Year

Happy New Year to everyone in blogland. To start off the year I made myself a new Bow Tucks Bag. I used the knitting chickens fabric that I picked up last October when I was in the Poconos. The project was a lot easier this time though I still shake my head when reading that pattern. But I prevailed and I have myself a new knitting tote.

I like the many pockets in the bag, perfect for holding yarn, hooks and needles.

By the way I plan to do a lot more knitting and crocheting this year. I told myself I have to stay away from those games on Facebook.


Karen said...

That is seriously the cutest bag EVER! I love the pattern and I love the fabric! How in the world did you line up your quilting stitches across the front pocket without sewing it shut? Amazing!

Madelyn said...

Karen, thanks. As I quilted the pockets before sewing to the bag, I just got lucky I guess :-)

Crazy Amy said...

those chickens are awesome! Great bag!

Madelyn said...

Thanks Amy!