Saturday, May 22, 2010

Friday Night Sew In Projects

The Friday night sew in for May was a success for me. The past few sew ins I didn't get much accomplished if anything.

I completed a table runner that I had started last weekend. I used the tumbler die from my Accuquilt Go Fabric Cutter and 4 different black/white fabrics. For the backing and binding I used a red/black print.

I also cut some hexagons that I'm going to put together to make two table toppers. I think that sewing these together is going to be a challenging session.

Lastly I finished my apron and some oven mitts for the Pin Up Hot Mama Apron Swap. This is just a sneak peek. I'll post more on the project at another time.


Heidi said...

Do you like you Accuquilt? Does it make the cutting process faster?

My son picked the tumbler pattern out one time for a quilt he wants. I've never made one but I really like them.

The hexagons scare me.... pretty though!

Susan said...

I love your colors for the tumbler runner!

Madelyn said...

I love my Accuquilt Go. And yes, the cutting is very fast.

Thank you Susan.

Sheila said...

The table runner is beautiful... what is Accuquilt?

Madelyn said...

Thanks Sheila. The Accuquilt is a fabric cutter. There are two editions. I have the portable one, the Go cutter.