Sunday, April 29, 2007

No Time for Crafting

Well things haven't still haven't settled down. I haven't done any knitting, crocheting or spinning in way over a week now, sigh!

I was in NY for work Tues & Wed this past week. Tuesday I was downtown Manhattan so I popped into Seaport Yarns. Knit Designer Nicky Epstein happened to be there, not for an appearance but to purchase yarn for some upcoming projects she has in the works. It was very nice to meet her. She asked my opinions about yarns and I was happy to oblige. Of course I made a "small" purchase while there. No pictures, I still haven't unpacked my bag yet.

Sadly on Wednesday morning my good friend Joanne passed away. She had been sick for awhile, with a lot of bad pain especially this past year. It's never easy to lose a loved one but at least now she's at peace. My friend Gail and I have been running around like crazy this week making arrangements and clearing out her apartment. The poor thing had no family except a brother in California that she really didn't know. Her memorial service is later on this evening.

On top of that yesterday I ran up to NY for a bridal shower for a cousin. I was so tired I really didn't want to go but I am glad that I did. I had a great time and saw many friends and relatives.

So today is Sunday. No time for relaxing. This morning I was up and out early for the March of Dimes Walk America 2007. The starting and ending location was the Burlington Center Mall which is not far from my house.

I've done this walk for a few years, but this one was special because of my grandson Naseem who was prematurely born in January. Naseem was released from the hospital last month. Today he is a whopping 10 pounds. The little guy has come along way from the 2 1/2 pounds he weighed at birth. He is so precious and I continue to pray that he will keep on doing well.

I attempted to start a team but the only ones who walked were my daughter and myself pushing my grandsons in their strollers. Luckily the weather was great and we completed the 5 mile walk in a little over two hours. I did leave my dd behind towards the end because she started slowing down too much for me. Plus she stopped almost to the halfway turning point. She had a good reason, Naseem started fussing so she stopped to feed him. Teon and I continued on while she fed the baby and waited for us to come back. Regardless young people, they are soooo out of shape. Do you know her friends and my sons said 5 miles is too long to walk? They ought to be ashamed. If this old granny can do it they should be able to.
I wish to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to my sponsors of family and friends who made a donation to the March of Dimes.

So this is just a little of what it's been like for me. Hopefully within the next few days I can pick up a hook or my needles and get some crafting done. I have quite a few WIPs that I'd like to get back to.


Deneen said...

No time for any crafting is true for ya lately.

I am sorry about your friend, I know she was in pain, but still, so sad.

Thanks for posting a pic of the baby-he's adorable.

Sheila said...

So sorry to hear about your dear friend... may she rest in peace. I stopped by to Tag you, but now realize its not a good time so your exempted. You are definitely busy and glad to hear you enjoyed the bridal shower and marathon.

Anonymous said...

You sure have a lot going on. So sorry about your friend.

Zarzuela said...

So sorry to read about your friend. At least she is at peace now. Hope to see you at Woolbearers sometime. :)


Madelyn said...

Thanks ladies!