Tuesday, October 17, 2006


BIP's stands for bags in progress.

The pink one is the fat bottom bag from The Happy Hooker. The blue is another cable knit purse.

I hate to sew and am bad at it. I'm going to attempt to sew the linings with this little gadget.

Wish me luck!


Deneen said...

I had one of those gadgets and threw it away-more work then I thought it was worth-I find hand stitching somewhat soothing.

I love those handles-where did you get them? They are exactly like the ones Cindy used and can't find anywhere any longer??

Don't forget to check out Kelly's tutorial on lining the Fat Bottom Bag-it is so helpful

Anonymous said...

What lovely material, Maddie. I'm with you on the sewing thing - I hate it!! I have two bags to line and needless to say, they are still unlined today! I'm determined to line the FB bag since it will be a gift. If you can do it, then I can do it!!

Madelyn said...

Deneen -got them from Jo~Ann's awhile ago. Thanks for the tip about the gadget!

Sue, yes I can. These all will be gifts so I'm determined to finish them.

Wendy said...

You can do it! I had a little sewy thing and threw it away too, could never figure out how to get it to work right.

Annie's craft corner said...

Maddie your work is gorgeous, I have yet to start mine to many irons in the fire. I do have the book and the yarn no handles yet though. I wish I had lots of time to be able to crochet and knit. Sometimes I am lucky enough to be able to take smaller projects places with me depending on where I am going but lately havnt been able to do that even.

Sheila said...

Hi Madelyn.... your BIPS are looking cool... for lining my bags.. I use HeatnBond Ultra Hold.. its an adhesive film... You cut the piece according to the size of your lining and sandwich the adhesive between the inside of the bag and lining and iron it and slowly peel off the backing (caution the setting can't be higher than 3... which seals the materials together and gives it sturdiness. Also I put in the heatnbond and lining before sewing the sides together, also leaving at least 1/2" from the edges to sew.. its hard to get a needle through the heatnbond material.


Love your bags, & if you lived down under, i'd give you my sewing machine which is gathering dust rapidly.