Monday, June 26, 2006

Current WIPs

On my needles is the Ribby Shell by Chicknits. I'm using Knit Picks Shine in Ebony.

On the hook is a shawl that I'm testing the pattern. It's called the Honeycomb shell and the pattern was written by Lisa from CAL Pals.

Yes, I know I said no more knitting projects until I finish Lady E, but I couldn't help myself.


Nik said...

my gosh, I've GOT to start crocheting shawls. this one looks like it's going to be beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I try not to start too many projects but then, whammo! Something always catches my eye and it's too late!

The shawl looks so pretty; nice color!

Lisa said...

oooh I'm famous!! Thanks for putting the picture up of what you're testing for me. :) Good job. I'm about 1/2 way through making the one I was doing with ya'll.

Starting another one over at the ville...Noreen Crone-Findley's Butterfly shawl.

And I still have the filet at CALPALS to start..

Me, OCD? nah.. I'm CDO. OCD in alpha-order. >>grin<<

Deneen said...

Yoo-Hoo, anyone here????

Leigh said...

I'm just passing through as I surf The Spinning Wheel. I'm glad to find another multi-project person. Lovely projects. I'm curious though about what you think of the Knit Picks vs Elann yarns.